Mehmet Genç is professional photographer from Turkey. His name is ‘Rotasız Seyyah’ on the internet. It means ‘nomad travels without making any route’. He is travelling around the world since 2012 and he started his last journey in December 2014. He learned English and Spanish during his trips. He likes taking photos of indigenous people during his travels. He visited 9 different indigenous communities so far. He wants to do 1001 days long trip which he will never visit his homeland country during this trip. Also he want to visit Antarctica.

His first book “Rotasız Seyyah Yol Hikayeleri” (My Stories on The Road) was published in September 2016. In its first week, the book got into second print.

The Project “You are so Beautiful”
He started this project on January 2015. When he takes a photo of women he says ‘You are so beautiful’. After saying this compliment, he shoots before and after photos. He usually says this compliment to old women. Because he thinks, they probably haven’t heard any compliment in the last 10-15 years of their life. Sometimes he meets 100 years old people. He always says ‘You are so beautiful’. This compliment works anytime. Not important how old they are.

During the project, he takes all the informations about the women who took photos of them. Name, age and the address. Because he wants to do same journey again after 2023. He will try to find all those women and will take same photos again. Before and after photos of ‘You are so beautiful’.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
to contact; editor@rotasizseyyah.com

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  1. Johanna Stieger dedi ki:

    Dear Mehmet,

    I have recently stumbled across these amazing pictures of the “You are beautiful collection and am quite impressed – what an ingenious way to illustrate different moods and personality traits!

    Do you think it might be possible for us to show it to the readers of our website (with due credit and link to you, of course)? I am sure people here in Germany would absolutely love it!

    Best wishes from Hamburg

  2. Silvia Renda dedi ki:

    Good morning, I’m Silvia Renda, a journalist from Huffington Post Italy and I want to ask the permission to use for free the images of “You’re beautiful” project, in an article in wich the initiative will be publicized. If You agree you can send an email to renda.silvi@gmail.com with this text:
    “With this email I authorized Huffingtonpost.it to use my pictures. The images are supplied to an article on “You’re beautiful” project. Also I authorized the use of images for all international edition of Huff Post”.

    Can you also write me a comment about this project? Why do you decide to do it and how had this idea.

    Thanks for all!

    • Rotasız Seyyah dedi ki:

      Good morning too Silvia. Thank you for your interest. I sent e-mail to you.
      Best regards.

  3. Reyhan dedi ki:

    Dear Mehmet ,
    Since 2 years I am living in Germany and I know you from instagramm with your amazing pictures.
    I really wanna advice your webpage first to my boy friend and other friends of mine but for all the common language is as you can imagine English .
    When will we have the English version of your Web page ?
    I wish you all the best for your next adventures !

    • Rotasız Seyyah dedi ki:

      Dear Reyhan. Thank you for your interest. Right now I don’t have time for this :( I hope I can do it soon. Best wishes.

  4. RJ dedi ki:

    I am looking for a book of photos from your ‘you are so beautiful’ project. Has one been published? If so, where can I purchase the book?
    Thank you

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